Teaching Preschoolers About Advent

Happy Liturgical New Year! Happy Advent! I find it hard to believe that it is December already!

The last time we had Sunday School was on the Feast of Christ the King so we did not talk about Advent yet, since the Feast of Christ the King is an awesome feast day to teach preschoolers and it is fun! This Sunday is the first time we will get to see the kiddos since Advent has started and it is my turn to teach them! I am so excited! I’ve had about three weeks or so to really reflect, pray, and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.

I absolutely love Advent! It is my favorite time in the liturgical year. I know it can be a stressful time but I really love that Advent is a time for preparing our hearts for the birth of our king, Jesus. I found several awesome blog posts about helping teach little ones about Advent.

My favorite find is the Advent Song from Catholic Icing. I have to thank my friend, Sarah, for posting her three kiddos singing this song because otherwise, I’m sure I would have found it and my little ones already love it!  We have sung it multiple times a day since Advent started.

Advent Song
(Sung to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
Advent is a time to wait. (Hold hand up to indicate stopping.)
Not a time to celebrate. (Shake head and one finger.)
Count the candles one by one, until Advent time is done. (Hold up four fingers, point to each one to count.)
Day by day we work and play. (Put fist on top of fist and repeat for entire verse.)
To prepare for Christmas day. (Hands folded across chest and hug.)

Again, when it is my turn to teach, my number one resource is looking through Katie’s blog, Look to Him & Be Radiant.  Katie’s ideas are fantastic and she shares her coloring pages for free! She has a whole page dedicated to the liturgical year. She has a coloring page on what Advent looks like and that will be what most of my teaching revolves around on Sunday. I also made a paper Advent wreath based on her free printable to take in with me for the kiddos to see.

Another free printable I found is this coloring Advent calendar.  This is one that they will be able to continue to color one square daily at home.  I also plan on bringing in my nativity peg dolls to let them play with as well as our nativity floor puzzle.

The crafts I plan on doing with them this week are super simple and quick.  I printed this ornament craft out and all the kiddos will need to do is color it, since I have already prepped it.  It’s a great reminder about what this time of Advent is all about.  Early this fall when I was walking through Hobby Lobby, so incredibly dangerous, I found the cutest nativity ornament craft.  It is all foam stickers! Again, super quick and easy for four year olds but also a great visual for Advent.

We own several Christmas picture books that talk about the birth of Jesus but we don’t have any Advent picture books that I could read to the class.  All of our Advent books are more of an Advent calendar, reading one page a day in December, and our Jesse tree book. However, I want the kiddos to be able to ask questions about Advent (and Christmas), color, sing the Advent Song, and practice their prayers.

What are your favorite ways to teach preschoolers about Advent?  Do you have any go to Advent picture books?

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  1. Yes! For little littles, I like The Small One about a sad, weak donkey who ends up carrying Mary to Bethlehem.

    Such a cute song. I’ll have to use that this week with my kids. 🙂

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