7 Quick Takes Vol. 2 

1. Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday morning at 2 am, so set your clocks back an hour when you go to bed. It sounds good in theory that we’re going to get an extra hour of sleep but in reality those of us with kids are going to feel like we are getting up way too early. It will take my kids forever to adjust. No matter how late we keep them up, they are up early. Honestly, no matter what time we put them down they are up early. We will probably be walking into mass right on time like every Sunday, extra hour or not, even though we try really hard to leave earlier each week. Parenthood. 

2.  I’m sure a lot of you have heard of No-Shave November as a way to increase cancer awareness. Well, I recently listened to this homily on All Saints’ Day given at our local Catholic high school and learned about a Catholic No-Shave November, Nazarite Challenge. Drum roll please……..Ken is doing it!! He signed up (technically I signed it up but he gave me permission) and he is going to not shave for the entire month. He has never grown a beard, ever! He’s never gone more then a couple days without shaving. He even ordered the kit and texted a couple close friends about doing it too. The best part, if someone asks him about it, he gets to spread our Catholic faith. Beard vangelization!

3. Have you seen the awesome homemade gift list Rosie made? Go check it out! She has discount codes and a giveaway! A perfect way to jump start your Christmas shopping. 

4. Halloween candy. I’m so over it. I was this close to throwing it all away but Ken said he’d take it to work. The only thing I kept are the M&M’s in hopes to bribe Genevieve to potty train. Fingers crossed, so far no go. (Pun intended.)

5. Talk to me about Whole 30. I bought the book at the beginning of the year and I still have yet to do a Whole 30. What did you find helpful? Favorite (kid friendly) go to meals? Maybe I’ll do one in the near future? Maybe January? 

6. Madilyn totally surprised us this week. Her handwriting has come leaps and bounds since August and she voluntarily colored for over an hour multiple days in a row. Parent win! She has always needed me to be right there with her to color and would color for maybe 10 minutes before she would move onto another activity. I have waited a very long time for this day to arrive. 

7. Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go! I will be the first to admit, the only baseball games I’ve watched all season were the last two games of the World Series but what fantastic games! I grew up cheering for the Cubs, by association, since my family did and it felt good seeing the Cubs win! Hopefully it won’t take another 108 years before they win another World Series! 😉

**For more 7 Quick Takes, please go visit Kelly, you’ll be glad you did! 🙂 

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