Library Love Vol. 3

So I’m notorious for grabbing random books I see and adding them to our library bag.  This book is no exception.  I grabbed it on a whim since I’m so intrigued about starting a compost bin.  I figured what better way to start my research than by reading a nonfiction children’s picture book.  It is a super basic explanation about what composting is and how to do it.  At the end there is what Madilyn calls a “science experiment” (aka how to start composting) and she cannot wait to do it.  Maybe we’ll get a small compost bin and starting composting. Do you have a compost bin?

I’ve been a big fan of Julie Andrews for a long time.  I grew up watching, singing, and dancing to the Sound of Music and Mary Poppins.  So when I first saw this series at the library I was curious about these books written by Julie Andrews and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. They are cute and teach some type of lesson but they aren’t Fancy Nancy (we are HUGE fans of Nancy!). This is the newest Very Fairy Princess book and it’s cute.  There are several teachable moments when reading the book.  Madilyn loves it but she also is four and loves all things fairy princesses.

Our library has grab and go bags with five books in each bag.  Each bag has a different topic.  This week Madilyn decided to get a grab bag on shadows.  There are nonfiction and fiction books in the bags.  This book was the favorite this week.  It’s an adorable books about Moonbear trying to get rid of his shadow.  Both girls highly enjoyed it.

We’ve waited about three weeks for this book and it was worth putting it on hold.  Both of the girls love this book.  It’s a story about the life cycle of the pumpkin. The illustrations are beautiful and there are lots of teachable moments.

This is a great read aloud picture book.  At first I wasn’t so sure because of the title and the opening line of the book but it is adorable.  It is about a little old lady who hates pumpkins but eventually comes around.  The illustrations are gorgeous and anything about pumpkins lately is a huge win for the girls.

Happy reading friends!  Please share what books you or your kiddos are loving lately!

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  1. I love these ideas! Our girls love the Very Fairy Princess so I’m glad to see there’s a new title!! Loving the Fall books–I’ll have to snatch some of those up this season!

  2. We do compost! We got 4 (free!) pallets and some hinges so that one side swings open. We just throw all our banana peels and yard leaves in and viola! We can refill our garden boxes with dirt a year later.

    We are super chill about it, so it’s not as efficient as it could be if we were stirring it regularly (or ever). But we’re sort of low investment, low effort, mediocre results people.

    Thanks for the recommendations! I love Julie Andrews, so we’ll have to investigate her books. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Good to know! We may invest in one that we rotate regularly. Our garden (which was all evergreen bushes that we tore out when we bought our house) needs nutrients badly so Im hoping compost will help, a little. 🙂

  3. I literally just put all of these books on our list for next time. LOL! Great picks! We have a composter, but you don’t want my advice on it, because… I just dump everything in there and have yet to see anything actually compost. Compost failure, here!

    1. They are good ones! All thanks to Read Aloud Revival and her recommendations! 😉

      I wish I could decide on how I want to compost since we live in a subdivision (we long for land) our yard/garden isn’t big but we could still benefit from a compost.

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