7 Quick Takes Vol. 1

  1. We love fall and have been soaking up the beautiful weather before old man winter sneaks up on us. All of the trees are finally turning bright orange, red, and yellow. It’s simply gorgeous and I cannot get outside enough. I’m also trying to soak up every second I have with Madilyn before she goes to Kindergarten (it’s only three hours a day, thank goodness but I’m sure going to miss her!) next year. img_6195 img_6528 img_6532
  2. I’m so excited for the huge possibility to attend the CWBN Midwest Conference in March!  Now, I realize I’m a very new, small blogger with maybe only a handful of readers (seriously, maybe only my husband) but I think it would be amazing to hear from those who have been blogging for a long time and what wisdom they can share.  Not to mention, meeting Haley, Nell, and Laura in the flesh!  Thanks to Jacqui and Anna for hosting!
  3. Since I turn the big 3-0 at the end of the year I decided it was time to find a new more all natural face wash routine.  My 82 year old grandmother swears vitamin E oil is what has kept her skin looking amazing (and seriously it does!) and she’s always encouraging me to use it on my face. So after lots of research, I ended up ordering this face wash and the oils I also ordered contain vitamin E (and lots of other awesome natural ingredients!). It’s a “100% handmade natural skin care” and I cannot wait for it to arrive!
  4. Valerie has inspired me to really only want to buy or add clothes to our closets (mine and my husband’s) that are ethically made.  We rarely add anything new to our wardrobe and when we do we would prefer to support businesses that are ethically made.  I love the theory to have our girls only wear ethically made clothes too. However, at the rate our girls grow and how much they wear their clothes out (stains, holes) I’m not sure I could do the investment.  Maybe I’m over thinking it? What are you favorite small shops?
  5. Ninety-seven percent of our Christmas shopping is complete (wrapped and all). Crazy I know but last year was the first year I had all of our Christmas shopping bought and wrapped by the first day of Advent (which is only a short five weeks away!) and it was amazing! I was truly able to pray and focus on preparing myself (and my family) during Advent and it was the best Advent season I have ever had (or our family has ever had)!
  6. Speaking of Advent, have you ordered your Advent Journal, By the Manager in the Morning written by the amazing Elizabeth Foss? It looks gorgeous and Elizabeth writes beautifully so I’m positive this Advent journal will not disappoint. 
  7.  Last night we attended our first BCC (Basic Christian Community) with six other couples and our 12 kids. Nine of which are two and under and three are expecting! Two seniors from a local Catholic high school have volunteered to watch all of our children while we share a meal (without kids!), discuss our faith, and do shared prayer.  This group has been a work in progress for quite sometime and I’m so excited to see it finally take off.  Anyone else belong to a BCC? I’d love to hear what has worked and what hasn’t work for your group.

Happy Sunday!

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    1. It’s basically a small group that meets once a month to help grow in our faith. Several of the couples in our group had parents BCC growing up. I’m not really sure what to expect but I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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