Never Judge a Book by its Cover

During our weekly library adventure last week, the girls and I were looking at the new picture books section and Madilyn found a book called Real Sisters Pretend. This particular book has a mom and a daughter playing dress up on the cover. I nonchalantly put the book back and Madilyn (she’s four and can read at a second to third grade level, which I often forget) said, “Mom it’s about sisters pretending.” So I reluctantly let her get it. I thought what’s the harm it must be about sisters playing pretend. Boy was I wrong.  

My mom was the first person to read it, this weekend. When my mom and I were alone she let me know the book was about two girls who were being adopted. I was thinking okay what’s the harm in that but then she went on saying the last page showed the two moms and their adopted daughters. Now according to my mom it never said two moms, it was more implied and she doubted a four year old would get what it was implying but still. 

Anyways, my biggest take away is to never ever judge a book by its cover and make sure to do a quick scan of all books before we check out. I knew the day would come when my very early reader would stumble across something I did not want her to be exposed to just yet but I did not think it would be at four years young (nor did I imagine I’d have a daughter reading at three and a half). 

Now I realize all families do look different and that they don’t always look traditional but I’d like to keep my children sheltered for a little while longer and keep them from asking me questions related to this topic (and others) for as long as possible. I’d like to think my husband and I can educate her (and all our children) when we see the learning opportunity present itself. 

Anyways, my plan today was to keep all of  our books that we checked out last week and only get the four I had on hold. Well, since Ken was off today to help me during my recovery I was able to meander around and I kept adding books to our library bag. I have a problem limiting myself and the girls. A really big problem.  However all the 70 plus books we have checked out do get read and looked at several times, so what’s the harm?

Here’s our top four books out of the 70+ books we currently have checked out, plus one of the DVDs we are looking forward to watching during our weekly family pizza movie night.

We recently discovered a love for all the Bear books. Plus, I’m really loving Julia Donaldson books. The only books I rotate in and out are holiday books so Room on the Broom, also by Donaldson, was recently brought back out. Hence, two books from the library by her and both are adorable. She’s a fun, witty author. 

Happy reading, friends! And remember never judge a book by its cover! 

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  1. One of the reasons I’m enjoying the link up is because other moms have gone through the stacks to weed out the clunkers and highlight the keepers. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I’m so scared that that’ll end up happening with a book I accidentally don’t vet first!! Hasn’t happened yet but I suppose it’s only a matter of time… Yikes!

  3. Our library makes up book bags for preschoolers. I’ve learned to avoid the “family” theme. Preschool is too young to introduce my daughter to the complexities of alternative families.

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