You Have a Beautiful Family


Lately, I often feel like I need to explain why we aren’t expecting a third child, yet.  Explain myself to extended family, friends, and strangers.  I want to shout from the mountain tops that we are trying and we are open to more children but that God has not yet blessed us with another baby and that actually all God asks of us is to be open to life, not to have a specific number of children.

I recently came across a blog post about Natural Family Planning awareness and mercy that was written a couple of years ago.  It really spoke to me and I will share my favorite part at the end. This blog post does refer to things that I have not directly experienced but I have experienced many of the same thoughts.  I have also never experienced hyperemesis while pregnant with either of my girls and for that I am forever grateful.  However, we are experiencing “secondary infertility”, and for the record I do not like saying we are experiencing this since we have been blessed with two beautiful girls.

My heart aches for all married couples who have, had or will experience infertility. I will pray for you, always. Everyone has a different experience. Everyone’s journey is different. However, this journey my husband and I are walking now has forever changed my perspective.

So much so that I will never again ask certain questions.  Such as, “do you want to have more children?” and “when will you have children?”.  Instead I will say, “you have a beautiful family.” This phrase is not used or heard often enough. This phrase is so simple and so powerful.  It makes the family of nine feel welcome and loved.  It makes the family of four feel welcome and loved. It even makes the married couple feel welcome and loved because a husband and wife are still a family.  This phrase could change the way we put on love and extend that love to others.

It has also changed the way I pray.  I pray not only for my children but I constantly am saying prayers of thanksgiving and praise to our wonderful God for entrusting these two precious souls to us to get to heaven.  I also try very hard not to take for granted any moment I have with my family here on earth.

As a family of four, I need to remember to extend myself mercy when I start to let the devil into my thoughts about how I must not be a “good Catholic since we only have two children” or I must not be as “holy as the Smith family since we only have two children.”

I also need to remember that it is okay to say mothering is hard to my friends of three, four, five, six, and seven children.  I have felt I couldn’t say anything to them about how hard it can be since I only have two children. In my mind, they would judge me or say something along the lines of “you have no idea what hard mothering is until you have X number of children.” This is the devil telling me lies.  I know this but I also need to remember this.

The following is an exert from the blog post I mentioned above.  In my humble opinion, it speaks volumes.

“But here’s the thing: why are we busy judging each other like this? Why do Catholics feel the need to mentally count the kids in the pew in front of them, as if there’s some magic number that will show a family is, for sure, Following Church Teachings? All sizes of family are being judged by various groups: the culture looks askance at families with more than 2 to 3 children, and inside the Church we have people looking askance at families with only 2 to 3 children, as if holiness is directly tied to how many children you have in your family!

We can’t do anything about the culture at large, but we can and should do something about the culture within the Church. We have got to keep our eyes on our own paper, and I am speaking to myself as much as to anyone else. I’ve been just as guilty of looking at small families and thinking, “Humph. They don’t look Open to Life, do they, now?” while admiring the familiy with the five kids with one on the way. I ought to know better! Maybe that family with only 2 kids is unable to have more because the mom battled cancer and had to have a hysterectomy. Or maybe they’re using NFP to avoid a medically-dangerous pregnancy. Maybe that family with the 5 kids with another on the way are so concerned with One More Soul that they’re not actually there for their already-born kids. The fact is, we can’t know the state of anyone’s soul, any more than the people of the Old Testament could have known while they were busy condemning childless couples like Abraham and Sarah. Tradition says that even the Blessed Virgin’s parents struggled with subfertility, and that Mary’s birth was miraculous.

As Catholics, we need to extend love and mercy to everyone, including those people sitting in the pews next to us. We need to give them the benefit of the doubt, assuming that they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Basically, we need to keep our eyes on our own papers, and get ourselves to Heaven without helping God judge who else is worthy of being there. As my friend told me when she asked me to write the article: The Holy Familiy was the most perfect family there has ever been, and they had only one Child.”








Blessed Is She

Blessed Is She has been life changing for me. It has helped me to grow tremendously in my faith. Looking back on the last two and a half years since Blessed Is She started, I can see the growth I have made and continue to make in my faith life. Here are seven reasons why I love the Blessed Is She ministry and hopefully you’ll be convinced to to at least sign up for their daily devotions, if you don’t already.

1. Blessed Is She is a beautiful community of Catholic women growing in our faith together. This is a ministry for women of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are single, married, religious, mama, grandmama. Blessed Is She has something for everyone. Which from my experience is a rarity when it comes to ministries.

2. Daily devotions sent directly to your inbox. If you’re like me one of the first things you do in the morning is check your phone, for better or worse. The best email I receive daily is from Blessed Is She, it’s also the first email I read. They send the daily readings along with a short devotion written by one of their amazing writers. The writers come from all backgrounds and each one does a fantastic job.

3. The women you are able to connect with and build community and friendships with are all amazing. From my experience, each woman I have connected with is truly a friend, even if they live five states away and I haven’t yet met them in person. They pray for me and I pray for them. If you are on Facebook (I’m not but I use to be) there are several groups you can join where, at least at one time, you could post prayer requests and learn about new things happening with Blessed Is She. Blessed Is She has a beautiful Instagram account too.

4. Advent, Lent, and Pentecost journals. I admit I am not a journaler, but I’ve begun to see the beauty in journaling. Yes, I try to blog here and there, but to sit and journal is another story that I don’t typically do. Now, with that being said, Elizabeth Foss wrote the last two journals and let me tell you, they were phenomenal. Rumor has it they might be coming out with an ordinary time journal written by Elizabeth?! I hope that’s true, because the reflections she writes really make you dig deep, think, and ponder. 

5. Retreats. I was so fortunate for being able to attend the Blessed Is She Beloved Retreat in Austin. It was amazing! It was so worth the 18+ hours one way in the car to spend 48ish hours in Austin, and then drive the 18+ hours back. To meet friends face to face for the first time and give them hugs is the best! Truly, the best. I’m looking at you Nell, Kathryn, Mary, Jenna, Cate, Taylor Ann, and Wendy!! If you are relatively close (or not) to any of the retreats, GO! Honestly, you will not regret it.

6. Artwork. Erica Tighe from Be A Heart and others have done gorgeous work for the Blessed Is She shop. The shop sells everything from downloadable prints, mugs, shirts, bags, and the newest products including beautiful handmade rosaries and poster sized prayers. All gorgeous products!

7. Each month Blessed Is She offers two to three workshops. Members have access to all current and past workshops but they are also available for purchase. I’ve watched several and they are all fantastic. The Holy Spirit is truly present and working through each woman (or couple!) giving the workshops.

Bonus: Blessed Is She sells planners. I’ve tried several different planners over the past several years and this one is by far the best. It includes: feast days, novena reminders, lots of white blank space to write down to do lists, and lots more! Seriously it’s the best!

I pray these seven items convinced you that Blessed Is She is a beautiful community of woman that you should join in daily prayer.  The Holy Spirit is truly doing great things with this amazing ministry.

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Be Open to Children

It’s no secret if you follow me on Instagram that I have shared about trying for a third child. No, it’s not to try for a boy. It is simply that my husband and I are open and feel called to expand our family when God sees fit. It is truly and ultimately up to God.

Children are the greatest blessing God gives us. So much so that the Catholic church asks the couple if they are willing to except children openly and freely during wedding vows. I feel almost embarrassed to admit that I had not fully understood this vow until last week.

Last week during our small group (seven married couples on our faith journey through marriage and parenthood) discussion someone asked something along the lines of, “how could God not bless a family with children? I really just can’t understand that and I’m not sure how to help this friend, especially since this friend doesn’t have faith.”. One answer really resonated with me, “being open to children does not mean that a family needs to have a certain number of children. It simply means to always be open to the possibility of children, biological or adopted, and maybe a childless married couple is called by God in another way to serve.” How beautiful is that?!

Since we are open to adding another little soul to our family and have yet to get pregnant after what feels like months, this response really spoke to me. I felt like the Holy Spirit was truly present and was knocking on my heart saying “hello, did you just hear that?!”

Another answer, slightly off topic, was about suffering and how there are beautiful graces to be found in suffering.  Since Catholicism is the only religion I know of that teaches a great deal about suffering (if there are other denominations that teach about suffering but please let me know).  I cannot remember the exact response about suffering, but it was another powerful one, at least for me. It went something along the lines of how God doesn’t give us suffering as a punishment for our sins, but more as a way to bring us closer to Him.  All of our end goals in life, I would assume and hope, are to make it to heaven (or purgatory) and all gifts (good or bad) are from God and those gifts help us on our journey to make it to heaven.

The whole point of this post, honestly, was for me to jot down some of my constant thoughts from the past week for me to remember when I might be getting down about another negative pregnancy test or my cycle starting again.  It truly is in God’s hands and I need to remember that my husband and I are following God’s will by being open to children. 



Teaching Preschoolers About Advent

Happy Liturgical New Year! Happy Advent! I find it hard to believe that it is December already!

The last time we had Sunday School was on the Feast of Christ the King so we did not talk about Advent yet, since the Feast of Christ the King is an awesome feast day to teach preschoolers and it is fun! This Sunday is the first time we will get to see the kiddos since Advent has started and it is my turn to teach them! I am so excited! I’ve had about three weeks or so to really reflect, pray, and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.

I absolutely love Advent! It is my favorite time in the liturgical year. I know it can be a stressful time but I really love that Advent is a time for preparing our hearts for the birth of our king, Jesus. I found several awesome blog posts about helping teach little ones about Advent.

My favorite find is the Advent Song from Catholic Icing. I have to thank my friend, Sarah, for posting her three kiddos singing this song because otherwise, I’m sure I would have found it and my little ones already love it!  We have sung it multiple times a day since Advent started.

Advent Song
(Sung to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
Advent is a time to wait. (Hold hand up to indicate stopping.)
Not a time to celebrate. (Shake head and one finger.)
Count the candles one by one, until Advent time is done. (Hold up four fingers, point to each one to count.)
Day by day we work and play. (Put fist on top of fist and repeat for entire verse.)
To prepare for Christmas day. (Hands folded across chest and hug.)

Again, when it is my turn to teach, my number one resource is looking through Katie’s blog, Look to Him & Be Radiant.  Katie’s ideas are fantastic and she shares her coloring pages for free! She has a whole page dedicated to the liturgical year. She has a coloring page on what Advent looks like and that will be what most of my teaching revolves around on Sunday. I also made a paper Advent wreath based on her free printable to take in with me for the kiddos to see.

Another free printable I found is this coloring Advent calendar.  This is one that they will be able to continue to color one square daily at home.  I also plan on bringing in my nativity peg dolls to let them play with as well as our nativity floor puzzle.

The crafts I plan on doing with them this week are super simple and quick.  I printed this ornament craft out and all the kiddos will need to do is color it, since I have already prepped it.  It’s a great reminder about what this time of Advent is all about.  Early this fall when I was walking through Hobby Lobby, so incredibly dangerous, I found the cutest nativity ornament craft.  It is all foam stickers! Again, super quick and easy for four year olds but also a great visual for Advent.

We own several Christmas picture books that talk about the birth of Jesus but we don’t have any Advent picture books that I could read to the class.  All of our Advent books are more of an Advent calendar, reading one page a day in December, and our Jesse tree book. However, I want the kiddos to be able to ask questions about Advent (and Christmas), color, sing the Advent Song, and practice their prayers.

What are your favorite ways to teach preschoolers about Advent?  Do you have any go to Advent picture books?

Our Attempt at Being a One Car Family 

This year has been rough (financially) for our family.  I found out in July that I needed to have a major dental procedure.  That procedure ended up being multiple procedures and more major (and expensive) than we originally expected.  It was a huge shock to us.  We had been putting every last penny towards paying off our debt (student loans, credit card, car loan, etc.) and had not put anything more into our HSA this year. Boy did we pick a bad year to do that! We were able to put as much as we could into our HSA after we found out, which definitely helped but it still has been hard.

When things get hard financially I quickly jump to wanting to sell everything we own.  Seriously, it’s a bad habit.  Anyways, we did prayerfully consider me going back to work, pulling Madilyn from preschool, selling Ken’s car (that was paid off but took premium gas), moving, and a few other options to help our budget.  Going back to work was quickly ruled out because of the cost of two kids in childcare. It was not worth it for more reasons than just money.  We did pull Madilyn from preschool which saved us a good amount of money per month.

Finally, we prayerfully considered selling Ken’s car. We had been praying long before our financial shock of my dental procedures about selling his car; so when we decided to finally list it on Craigslist we were at peace.  It took about ten days to sell it and we were at peace with our decision.

So we became a one car family.

It has been about three months since we sold Ken’s car and there has only been one time that I wished we had two cars. One time! I am still shocked that it has been easier than I had anticipated. Ninety-nine percent of the time, it totally works. Ken has a flexible job and is able to work from home if and when needed.  We typically take Ken to work twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) so we can get out of the house to go to the library, museum, and grocery shop.  On the other days of the week, I make sure the girls and I get outside for a walk in the mornings.  I’m hopeful we keep the walks up, even though the high for the next week is 50 degrees because those walks have been my saving grace.

The one thing I miss most about having two cars is the ability and ease of attending daily mass. Now, it’s super hard to go alone with both girls but it refreshes my soul and the grace that is given to me on those days is beautiful. Ken has quite a few days off between now and the New Year, so I’m hopeful I’ll get to daily mass about once a week during Advent. 

Our goal is to make it as long as we can with one car.  Originally I told Ken one year minumum, basically when Madilyn starts Kindergarten next August we would reevaluate our situation.  However, the more I think about potential summer activities next summer (yes, I am a planner for better or worse), the more I am wondering if it won’t be possible to make it an entire year with one car. Only time will tell.  There is one thing we know for certain, it will be a cheap car, paid in cash, that is safe enough to get him to and from work.

Has your family ever purposely became a one car family?

How I Prepare for Advent

I love this time of year. I love Advent.  I love Christmas. It is by far my favorite time of the year. Lots of people I know think this time of the year is stressful with all the parties, gift buying, baking that often takes place but it is truly a beautiful time to prepare our hearts for the birth of Jesus. There are a few things, I’ve done to help myself focus on prayer and not the hustle and bustle.  

The single best thing I have done to help make Advent truly a time to prepare my heart and family for Christmas is to have all of my Christmas shopping done (and wrapped) before Advent starts. Two years ago was the first time I happened to do this (thank you, online shopping during the night while nursing a baby) and it was amazing.  

Last year it was all wrapped before Advent started and it was the single best Advent I have ever had. I was able to focus on praying, celebrating all the wonderful feast days during Advent, and truly prepare my heart and home for the birth of Jesus. Bonus of having all my Christmas shopping finished before Advent starts is that I’m not sick of Christmas decorations or music before it’s actually Christmas, since the only shopping I do is for food. Double bonus, it’s easier on our budget. 

The second best thing I have done to prepare is to decorate our home slowly. Now I know there are a lot of Catholics who do not have a single Christmas decoration up until Christmas Eve (including their Christmas tree), our family is not that way. That is way more stressful to me. We put up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving (and keep it up until at least the epiphany) but slowly over the entire month or so of Advent we put lights up, ornaments, hang stockings, and decorations throughout our house. It was a wodndeful feeling taking our time to decorate the house. We plan to do the same this year and I’m looking so forward to it. 

What do you do to prepare your heart for Advent? 

Mercy Market

This weekend our parish held a St. Josephine Bakhita’s Mercy Market in our parish hall. All products sold were handcrafted by non-exploited laborers and all the proceeds will go to help those who are trying to escape wage and labor slavery. I had not heard of St. Josephine Bakhita until recently. She was born in Sudan in 1869. She was enslaved and was beaten multiple times a day. Even though she was bought and sold five times in the slave market, she found hope in God knowing He loved her. What a wonderful role model of our awesome faith!

The concept of shopping mainly ethical shops and small (local) businesses has been heavy on my heart lately for several reasons, so when I heard our parish was having the Mercy Market I was super excited. I did not know what to expect as I walked into our parish hall. Honestly I was hopeful there would be at least one item I liked enough to buy to support this wonderful cause. 

I’m not sure why I was concerned to find only one item because I bought four items, my mom bought one item but we could have easily bought more.  There were many wonderful, unique, handmade products. Everything from gorgeous baskets and dresses to Christmas ornaments and yummy fair trade chocolate. The most shocking thing was how reasonably priced the items were. For expample, a 100% silk scarf was only $12, which is very comparable to ones sold on Amazon.

I ended up buying two scarves, a swing dress for me, and a knitted winter headband for me. My mom bought the girls gorgeous handmade star Christmas ornaments. The ornaments and winter headband came from this shop. We kept looking at the earnings but didn’t buy any. Oh and the beautiful baskets, how I wish I needed one or two or three.

The swing dress I bought came from byTavi, a boutique that sells only fair trade items. I wanted to buy all their dresses, cardigans, purses, and skirts! They were all adorable and so reasonably priced! Each handmade item came with a little tag that said who made it. I’ve read about the boutique and it is truly something special. This boutique in general makes me want to buy all of my family’s clothes from shops like this one.

What are your favorite ethical shops? Bonus if they sell little girls dresses (size 3T & up) that can be worn for Christmas mass. 

I’ll end by linking up with Rosie with what we wore to mass. The scarf Madilyn is wearing came from byTavi and it matches just about everything in her closet. Also, please notice Genevieve’s shoes. The girls both got new tennis shoes this weekend and she insisted on wearing them to mass. That was one fight we were not about to battle.

***Not a sponsored post, just items that I found and love. 

7 Quick Takes Vol. 2 

1. Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday morning at 2 am, so set your clocks back an hour when you go to bed. It sounds good in theory that we’re going to get an extra hour of sleep but in reality those of us with kids are going to feel like we are getting up way too early. It will take my kids forever to adjust. No matter how late we keep them up, they are up early. Honestly, no matter what time we put them down they are up early. We will probably be walking into mass right on time like every Sunday, extra hour or not, even though we try really hard to leave earlier each week. Parenthood. 

2.  I’m sure a lot of you have heard of No-Shave November as a way to increase cancer awareness. Well, I recently listened to this homily on All Saints’ Day given at our local Catholic high school and learned about a Catholic No-Shave November, Nazarite Challenge. Drum roll please……..Ken is doing it!! He signed up (technically I signed it up but he gave me permission) and he is going to not shave for the entire month. He has never grown a beard, ever! He’s never gone more then a couple days without shaving. He even ordered the kit and texted a couple close friends about doing it too. The best part, if someone asks him about it, he gets to spread our Catholic faith. Beard vangelization!

3. Have you seen the awesome homemade gift list Rosie made? Go check it out! She has discount codes and a giveaway! A perfect way to jump start your Christmas shopping. 

4. Halloween candy. I’m so over it. I was this close to throwing it all away but Ken said he’d take it to work. The only thing I kept are the M&M’s in hopes to bribe Genevieve to potty train. Fingers crossed, so far no go. (Pun intended.)

5. Talk to me about Whole 30. I bought the book at the beginning of the year and I still have yet to do a Whole 30. What did you find helpful? Favorite (kid friendly) go to meals? Maybe I’ll do one in the near future? Maybe January? 

6. Madilyn totally surprised us this week. Her handwriting has come leaps and bounds since August and she voluntarily colored for over an hour multiple days in a row. Parent win! She has always needed me to be right there with her to color and would color for maybe 10 minutes before she would move onto another activity. I have waited a very long time for this day to arrive. 

7. Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go! I will be the first to admit, the only baseball games I’ve watched all season were the last two games of the World Series but what fantastic games! I grew up cheering for the Cubs, by association, since my family did and it felt good seeing the Cubs win! Hopefully it won’t take another 108 years before they win another World Series! 😉

**For more 7 Quick Takes, please go visit Kelly, you’ll be glad you did! 🙂 

Library Love Vol. 4

Linking up with Christina and sharing our current favorites from our weekly trip to the library.

  • Earl the Squirrel by Don Freeman – This is a good read aloud book.  Genevieve, our animal lover, enjoyed this book.  It’s about a little squirrel who needs to learn how to find acorns on his own.

  • The Scarecrow’s Dance by Jane Yolen – Both girls adored this book.  At first,  I was unsure but I quickly fell in love with this book.  It’s basically a poem with beautiful illustrations.  Honestly, I’ve waited three weeks or more for this book to be available and it was worth the wait.

  • This Is My Home, This Is My School by Jonathan Bean – This is a winner! Whether you homeschool or not, this book is a must read.  I think this is the third time we’ve checked this book out and the girls still love it.  Maybe I need to add it to their wish list for Christmas?

  • Fancy Nancy Saturday Night Sleepover by Jane O’Connor – We adore Fancy Nancy! This book came out in the beginning of the year and we finally were able to snag it this week.  I kept forgetting to put a hold on it.  Honestly, this book made me tear up.  This is a must read for all Fancy Nancy lovers, especially sisters.

  • Mr. McGinty’s Monarchs by Linda Vander Heyden – Our girls love butterflies.  So when I saw this book in the new release section I had to borrow it.  It’s an adorable book about an elderly man who saves his neighborhood monarchs.  If it was springtime I would be planting milkweed along the side of our house.

What children’s books have you enjoyed lately?

**All links are purely there for you to see more about the books from Amazon.  I get nothing in return.  As always, please check out your local library.


Teaching Preschoolers About Saints

Some how I was asked to be a co-catechist for a four year old faith formation class this year at our parish. I said yes before knowing what that meant exactly or meeting the catechist who has been teaching this class for years. Here we are about a quarter of the way through the year and it’s been an eye opener for me. There are several students in the class who I think this class might be their first exposure to our faith. No pressure, right?! There are other students in the class that you can tell faith gets talked about at home, ranging from a little to a lot.

All of the lesson plans (which are all based on the weekly Sunday Gospel) are given to us. So virtually little to no prep is actually needed. The main catechist and I take turns teaching the class. I love teaching my own girls the faith through reading books, hands on activities, and crafts. So needless to say, I actually put some time and thought into what I’m going to teach and I don’t always just stick with the given lesson plans, minus talking about the Gospel.

Slight side note, I went to Catholic grade school growing up and the only saints I ever remember celebrating were those associated with secular holidays (i.e. St. Nick, St. Patrick, St. Valentine) and I never remember any talk about current saints being canonized. I mean that is a huge part of living out our faith. It was not until I became a mom and started learning how others lived out the faith that I even considered celebrating saint days and other feast days throughout the liturgical year. So all this said, I knew when I said yes to teaching, I wanted to make sure I somehow incorporated saints and feast days into my lesson plans.

Now back on track. This Sunday is my day to teach and I’m so excited! It’s the Sunday before Halloween and All Saints Day!  I had so many ideas running through my head about how to teach preschoolers on these topics, in addition to the Gospel, but then it dawned on me, I need to be very broad in my approach about teaching them about saints. It may be the first time some of them have ever really heard about saints. So I did some praying and asked the Holy Spirit to help me.

I’m so glad I asked the Holy Spirit for guidance because while I was scouring Pinterest about ideas on how to teach preschoolers about All Saints Day (not much was found by the way for this age group), when I remembered about all of the resources we have accumulated over the years on saints, everything from CDs to books to toys.  The Holy Spirit (and St. Anthony) helped me find all the supplies I need to help make Sunday (hopefully) a great class.

I did want to find a coloring sheet about All Saints Day for the kiddos since they all love to color.  I started brainstorming about who my favorite go to Catholic bloggers are who are artistic and remembered Katie who blogs over at Look to Him & Be Radiant.  I so wish I could clone her to come teach my girls when they get into grade school!  She has amazing talent and ideas and shares her talents and ideas with all of us for free! So off I went and found this coloring page. Which is perfect for all ages.

While I was at her blog, I remembered she had good ideas about teaching kids about Halloween and our faith.  I found a jack-o-lantern coloring page that helps teach God’s love. (Scroll down to find the sheet.)  Perfect!  Our family is planning to carve a pumpkin this weekend and I may try to save some pumpkin goop to bring in and bring in our carved pumpkin with a battery tea light.  I may be complicating things too much but we shall see.

Some other items from around our house I plan to bring in are our saint peg dolls and shining light dolls and I will let them play with them. We read these books on saints all the time (I’m not sure how I forgot about them) The Saints are Watching Over Me, An Alphabet of Catholic Saints (I’m planning on reading this one), and My Catholic Book of Saint Stores and I plan to have this Cat Chat CD playing while the kiddos are coloring the Sunday Gospel coloring page the All Saints Day coloring page

Please keep me in your prayers Sunday that I am able to teach each kiddo something and that the Holy Spirit guides me. 

As a family we are planning to attend the children’s school mass so we can see all the fourth graders dressed up as saints. The girls will also dress up for mass, Madilyn as St. Kateri and Genevieve as St. Gianna but who knows what will happen, since this morning Madilyn said she wanted to be Our Lady of Guadalupe and Genevieve be St. Juan Diego.

How does your family celebrate All Saints Day ?  What have you found helpful teaching little ones and preschoolers about All Saints Day?

**Please note none of this blog post is sponsored at all.  I truly love and use everything I mentioned to help teach my own children and have seen it has benefited our family.